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Traveling with Your Dog

Going on a vacation is always fun. The idea of bringing your dog with you can even add to the fun and give you one less thing to worry about while you’re away. However, to ensure that everything goes well with you and your company, you’ll need to do a lot of preparations.  Remember, cars and planes aren’t meant for dogs.

Give your dog some basic training on how to behave properly during the trip. Then make some plans on how you’ll get to your destination and how you’ll go about your daily activities. Likewise, you have familiarize yourself with the rules about pets in the places you’re planning to visit.

If you want to make your vacation a truly enjoyable experience for you and your best friend consider these dog travel tips:

Collars and Dog Tags

On top of the list is a collar and dog tag which contains all the current information about your dog. Make sure your dog wears it all times. You may also consider a microchip for extra security.

How to Get to Your Destination

By Plane

Planes are not always the best means of transportation for dogs. As owners, we don’t consider our dogs as cargos, but unfortunately airlines do. This means it won’t be a good travel experience for your dog no matter how relaxed he may be. If you’re lucky you may be able to find a pet-friendly airline which would allow your pet to fly in the main cabin. Before you travel by air with your dog, search online and know what all your options.

By Car

Most dog owners choose to travel with their pets by car. It’s even possible that you and your dog have hit the road a number of times already, such as when you go to the vet or to the park.  If your dog has never experienced riding in a car, then it’s time to start. Make sure you provide him with pleasurable car rides going to a park or any pleasant place. This is to make sure that his long travel with you will be delightful. Otherwise, if his only riding experience is for a tormenting vet visit, he might show signs of anxiety during your travel. Allowing him to adjust to the car can make the trip fun and enjoyable for both of you.

Planning for Your Road Trip

It is important to stop every 3-5 hours while travelling with your dog. This is to allow him to stretch his legs, drink water, or to relieve himself. You should also have a list of veterinary hospitals along your route so you know where to bring your pet in case of emergency.

Keeping your dog calm

At home your dog may have an item, such as a blankie or a favorite stuffed toy or bone which relaxes and comforts him. Bringing this item with you can provide your pet a sense of security. This will remind him of home and will show less signs of anxiety even when he’s in an unfamiliar place. 

Enjoying Your Vacation

Staying in a Pet-ID Friendly Hotel

If you plan to stay at a hotel, make sure it’s one that is pet-friendly and offer various amenities for your dog. There are hotels which offer turndown service, special dog beds, doggie day care, and dog spa services. Don’t forget to ask how much these services cost and make sure you choose a hotel which is not only pet-friendly but also budget-friendly.

Things to Bring

Travelling with your dog is much like travelling with your own baby. Both have special needs and keeping all of them in mind is important. This requires you to remember everything your pet needs when you pack. Below are some of the most important things to bring when you journey with your pet:

List of veterinary hospitals and rest stops on your way (if you’re traveling by car).

Crate or kennel


Dog food

Water and bowls


Dog bed and/or blanket

One or two toys

First aid kit

Waste bags

Grooming supplies

Health certificate from your vet

Your pet’s medical records


Who says it’s impossible to travel with your dog? With a little hard work and preparation, you and your pet can have the most memorable vacation ever. Do your homework and you’ll have fewer surprises along the way.

Here’s a link for more information on travelling with your dog: http://www.bringfido.com/